Easy travel, few time-zone issues, no language barrier, very fast lead times, low cost and quick shipping, no duties, and a consumer increasingly interested in buying made in the USA goods are all exceptional reasons to explore domestic production. Reach out to us today to see how we can help turn your interest in domestic manufacturing into a reality.



Building on the success of our brand, NW Alpine, we’ve been able to provide the same high quality, acute attention to detail that our contract customers require. Having experience on both the brand and manufacturing sides is invaluable in understanding the needs of KAM’s clients.
— Bill Amos, Founder

services we provide

  • Cut and sew manufacturing at our factory in Salem, OR

  • Full package production on select projects

  • Short run production in partnership with our design firm partners

  • Highly trained and experienced sewing and management staff

  • A focus on lean manufacturing with superior efficiency and quality results

  • Machinery and operations that are hard to find in the US, including: seam sealing, welding and laser cutting.